Well Established Dog Trainer With 30 Years Experience
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About Me
Susan has been working with and training dogs for over 30 years.  Susan has a heart for rescue and a passion for training.  She is committed to assisting owners and their pets to connect through positive, interactive and thought provoking exercises that enhance communication and understanding between canine and handler.
Susan's reputation, patience, professionalism, and humble approach to dog training combined with her years of varied animal experience and specialized education form a unique and balanced approach to dog training. 
My Training
I offer a wide variety of canine-related services, including behavior modification, training and behavioral instruction for animal care professionals, pet owners and professional trainers - but my first love is helping pet owners develop a dog in which they can be proud.
  1. Experience
    I have many years of experience training many breeds and sizes of dog. I regularly attend additional courses to ensure my skills are the very best.
  2. What Suits Your Dog
    My training is fully catered around what suits your dog. No two dogs are the same and that is why I think my training is so successful.
  3. Feedback
    Much of my training is developed from your feedback as the dog's owner. After each session I ask for detailed feedback to help plan the next session.
  1. Experience
    I have vast experience teaching people and their dogs how to work together to develop successful, long-term relationships. Along with obedience training, I have also trained service dogs to assist disabled veterans and children with autism. I strive to provide an ideal platform to promote the compassionate and respectful communication, making learning effective and fun.
  2. Passion
    I wish to serve those creatures with which I have always shared a deep, empathetic connection - dogs. While these beautiful animals have always been a very prominent part of my own life, I have a strong calling to help others enjoy a more fulfilling, enjoyable, and respectful life with their own dogs.
  3. Education
    I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Belmont University. I love to learn and engage in continuing education, professional development and mentoring to keep my finger on the pulse of cutting edge techniques and developments to ensure that I offer the most progressive and educationally sound training techniques for all of my clients.
Words of Praise
  1. Susan has proven to be highly dedicated and passionate about her responsibilities during her employment at Savannah Springs K-9 Center. She is very reliable and never hesitates to go above and beyond the call of duty on her own initiative. She is always looking to self improve through continuing educational opportunities.